Know the rules, before you Dive In

by Steven Chung Attorney


Philadelphia, as long is the name, so much is the fame. This city is known for its difficulty level when it comes to driving. Yes you have heard exactly right; the most difficult city to drive. And in such a difficult place with tricky traffic, maintaining the sanity is quite impossible. The city has seen lots and lots of road accident scenes and dealt with it.

A very important point to remember, before gearing up and fastening your seat belt and hitting the road is to take a car insurance. It is a golden egg in the times of necessity. During a car accident in Philadelphia, this country follows the rule of 'No-fault Choice'. It is one among the dozens of the countries which follow this rule. You need a Philadelphia car accident attorney to defend yourself.

Choice No-Fault Car Insurance State
In this rule or system, the driver turns to his or hers car insurance company to get compensation for the injuries up to the personal injury protection limit, which is also referred to as PIP limit, regardless of whoever was responsible for the accident.
In short, in the no fault coverage, it eliminates claims due to injuries and lawsuits in case of small accidents in exchange of direct payment by the injured person's insurance company of hospital bills and other small expenses included, up to a certain dollars level.

It is also possible that the driver decides to go traditional way of handling this case by filing a case against the opposite driver and things are taken up to the court. The charges involved might be on the basis of investigation that takes place and the evidences found.

This also has a negative point as in this filed case, you can also be charged with certain amount of fine in case you are found guilty or if found that the fault is yours, then you would be sued.

If the drivers decide to go on 'No fault' case, even then it is possible to claim lawsuit on the other driver if there is serious injuries under the state law, which means much more than just soft tissue injury.

Injuries are not serious, unless there is any impairment to a body function or if there is any permanent or serious disfigurement in the body, according to the State Laws.
No fault rules only apply to Personal injuries. But if there is any property injury
involved as a result of the accident, then the driver at fault has to take the complete financial responsibility to cover up the loss.


released July 21, 2016



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